Introducing children to yoga through movement and music!  


Order A Child's Way To Yoga the exciting new children's exercise video for kids ages 3-12.  Featuring yoga positions and movement tailored for young bodies and set to a fun selection of eight original songs, this DVD will entertain AND give your child a workout. These videos will help the children not to feel scared of visiting dentists Richmond Hill the next time. Whatever might be the reason for a shard toothache, any member of your family might have, feel free to contact local Mississauga dentist for an assistance and guidance on further possible dental treatment options for the whole family.
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"This yoga film stands out from many of the recently released preschool exercise videos because it is fun yet provides clear instructions that make following along easy for young childrenand it even encourages adult participation. Yoga instructor Leanne...uses witty metaphors in her directions...songs that reinforce the instructions....The outdoor setting in a field is very laid back...This movement program combines stretching, aerobics, and relaxation techniques for children based on traditional yoga, and it will be useful in early childhood classes as well as at home." Cynthia Grabke School Library Journal

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"Cute story lines....An enjoyable DVD for children and their parents, who may want to follow along."

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